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Standard "bluegrass" model with a solid, powerful sound. The dreadnoughts strong bass combines well with penetrating high tones. With its firm and powerful sound, it is a much sought-after instrument especially for players who use a pick. The basic model is without a cut-away. It is produced in all our offered materials. The scale is 648 mm and it is also possible to design it as a 12-string version.

Body dimensions:
Body length: 515 mm
Body width, upper arch: 300 mm
Body width, lower arch: 400 mm
Body depth: 110 - 120 mm

We offer two types of cutaway models for the basic model:

» Round "C" cutaway
» Sharp "SC" cutaway



» Dreadnought

Dreadnought - D xx F
D xx F


» Dreadnought Cutaway

Dreadnought Cutaway - D xx C F
D xx C F


» Dreadnought Sharpcut

Dreadnought Sharpcut - D xx SC F
D xx SC F



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