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Grand Auditorium

Grand Auditorium - BSG Guitars


Classic design, and a very versatile model with deliciously coloured sound with a wide range of tones. Very balanced bass, mids and highs. Suitable instrument for both pick and finger players. It is produced in all our offered materials. The scale is 648 mm and a 12-string version is also possible.

Body dimensions:
Body length: 510 mm
Body width, upper arch: 295 mm
Body width, lower arch: 408 mm
Body depth: 100 - 110 mm

We offer two types of cutaway models for the basic model:

» Round "C" cutaway
» Sharp "SC" cutaway



» Grand Auditorium

Grand Auditorium - GA xx F
GA xx F


» Grand Auditorium Cataway

Grand Auditorium Cataway - GA xx C F
GA xx C F


» Grand Auditorium Sharpcut

Grand Auditorium Sharpcut - GA xx SC F
GA xx SC F



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