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OM or the Orchestra model offers a unique combination of designs. By combining a longer 648 mm scale with a smaller body, this model becomes a very sensitive and easy-to-play instrument. The sound is balanced with significantly higher mids, and the bass does not overwhelm the individual tones of the instrument. The smaller body volume allows for comfortable playing. This model is very popular with players who use the finger technique. It is manufactured in all our offered materials, very often with the design of a "slotted head".

Body dimensions:
Body length: 490 mm
Body width, upper arch: 275 mm
Body width, lower arch: 380 mm
Body depth: 95 - 105 mm

In addition to the basic model without a cutaway, we also offer two types of cutaway options.

» Round "C" cutaway
» Sharp "SC" cutaway



» OM

OM - OM xx F
OM xx F


» OM Cutaway

OM Cutaway - OM Cutaway xx C F
OM Cutaway xx C F


» OM Sharpcut

OM Sharpcut - OM Sharpcut xx SC F
OM Sharpcut xx SC F



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